Indigenous Media is a new kind of studio. Dedicated to telling a wide range of stories, across a wide range of formats. Simply, we believe in a value of premium content, and the power of story to connect with global audiences on any platform.

Jon Avnet, and Rodrigo Garcia have a long history of producing, writing, and directing premium content for film and television. In 2011, they partnered on an artistic experiment that ultimately would go on to become the channel, WIGS. Uniquely concentrated on female-focused, filmmaker-driven series, WIGS was successful in connecting with global audiences.

Indigenous Media is the natural continuation.  Uniquely positioned between new and established, enabling next-level, tailored storytelling native to the respective medium.



Jon avnet

Co-Chief Executive Officer

rodrigo garcia

co-chief executive officer


Jake avnet

chief operatING officer






WPP is a world leader in advertising and marketing services.


ITV is the largest commercial TV network in the United Kingdom.